How to do?

Twistools may seems complicated, but it isn't. You will find below a typical use, which will boost the reputation of the user in an exemplary manner.

The typical case

  • Marketing expert, I need many followers to promote my goods and myself! Twistools provides all the tools you need to do that. Here are some configuration tips with which you achieve your goals easily.

How to properly configure Twistools?

  • For Twistools to be effective, you must choose your sources and your account configuration.
  • These sources must lead to followers that match your business, so take your time choosing them properly.
  • Twistools se servira de vos sources pour constituer une liste de membres Twitter, chaque heure, pour votre compte.
  • It is important to follow all the listed members, because you can as easily unfollow them later.
  • Do not forget: come back often to check your lists. This is the key of the success.