How it works?

Twistools will help you to get noticed within Twitter. For this, it will do for you simple but boring actions, everyday, every week. The main objective for us is to bring you the maximum of qualified followers that we can.
Here is what Twistools can do for you :

Our guideline

  • Twistools is open for everybody, for free, and works with credits (2000 are given at first login).
  • Credits are spent each time Twistools make an automated action for you, and you can refill them in different ways:
    if you help us to promote a member Tweet, if you help us to promote Twistools, or by direct buying (more informations here).
  • If you tried Twistools and don't like it, a START/STOP button is available at any time, at the top of the page.

Our functionalities

  • A powerful search functionality is available to target qualified members, and get Followers easily.
  • Auto followback of your new followers.
  • Customized welcome message for your new followers.
  • Direct messages to all of your followers.
  • Compose a message and make it retweeted by our members to get a good reputation within Twitter.
  • Tweet your RSS feeds automatically.

Quality procedures

  • To get qualified followers easily, you will choose sources on your account configuration (see how to do).
  • Twistools will make a list each hour of members, according to your choices. We keep this automated selection secret ! :)
  • Followed members are kept on our database for each account. This way, none of them shall be followed twice.

Keep an eye on your progression

  • Each action is carefully recorded and is in the operation logs.
  • In addition, every hour, the home page graph is updated in order to track your progress. And it works!